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Have you ever felt a stirring inside of you telling you something is missing from your life? Telling you there has to be something more to the ordinary, everyday routine you have created?

Idalia Niloc, the heroine of this novel, felt this awakening within her in 2004. She wanted to ignore it, but the feeling wouldn’t go away. Married to a wonderful man, she had a well-paying job, a nice house in the suburbs, and enjoyed trips around the world. So why did she seem so lost?

I AM SUNSHINE brings us along with Idalia as she boldly embarks on her journey to find a more authentic life. After turning her perfect world upside down and starting over, she confronts the demons from her past, takes risks, and goes against the norm. When she learns to believe in herself and trust her intuition, she is able to find her life’s purpose.

In this inspiring fictionalized memoir, Trish Egan brings to light the behavioral disorders that can develop following a traumatic childhood event. Commonly known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), these behaviors often go unnoticed because they are developed at a young age as a form of survival and eventually become a part of our common beliefs. If we were traumatized as children, the PTSD mannerisms are often negative and troublesome behaviors. When we address the painful experiences from the past, we are able to identify these behaviors that may be holding us back from reaching a more genuine life filled with purpose and passion.

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