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New Year New Me



Food, food, glorious food.

I really do like good food. I mean stuff like foie gras, rack of lamb, braised short ribs, truffle cheese and so on. Foods I used to eat with no weight implications…until recently. Yes, as I move into this new, “mature” stage of my life and peri-menopause creeps in, I’m finding it more and more difficult to eat these things without adding the LBs! I know it is all about moderation and mentally committing myself to a lifestyle change, but why is it that new habits are so hard to create?

So, I ask, who can share some healthy lifestyle strategies, recipes and tips with me? I’d love to hear what has worked for you, so that next year this time I can share my success story with others!



Sunshine Day – A Note from the Author

sunToday, I am launching my book, ‘I Am Sunshine – One Woman’s Journey to Heal from Childhood Sexual Abuse.’ I started writing this book over six years ago. Looking at this span of time, I am amazed and proud that I actually completed this book. I’ve never been one to finish things I have started, so this is a big accomplishment for me. But since the beginning, I have been driven by one main objective: to help other survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This underlying desire drove me forward each time I wanted to abandon this book. And, believe me, that thought crossed my mind a lot. Then I learned it doesn’t matter whether or not you have a degree in English or journalism to become an author. If a story is relatable, people will be interested in it. And, sadly, this story is far too relatable to so many people. Read More

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A mosaic with two hands on coloured backgroundMulti color human eye concept. Many different color eyes from various people TasteSmellDefinition of word expressionism in dictionary

As a newbie to the whole blogging thing, I must admit I did have some difficulty in determining what I would blog about. At a minimum, I knew my blog should focus on things that make me happy, so, I could in turn share a bit of happiness with all of you.

As you’ll read in my book, I express how challenging it can be for me to get in touch with and remain aware of my 5 senses…Touch…Sight…Taste…Smell…Sound. I mean, naturally, many of these senses are engaged all the time, but without any real sense of knowing. So, each week I plan on reminding myself to focus my energy on 1 particular ‘Sense’ and I hope you will try it, too. Awareness is a key ingredient to healing from any traumatic event!

This week’s ‘Sense’ is Sight…Now that my book has finally launched, I can’t help but look at the cover art intently. It brings very mixed emotions. As a survivor, I know firsthand how it felt to be deep in darkness. Darkness shrouded by secrecy. That part of my life went on for years, but as I move through recovery the cover image evokes much hope in me as I see the child moving toward the light, out of the darkness.

Today as you read this entry I want you to think about where you are on your journey. Visualize yourself at this point. If it’s the beginning, then I applaud you. The first step is the most difficult. The tunnel you are traveling through may seem completely absent of all light, but if you are brave enough to push forward, you will eventually see glimmers of light. If you are somewhere in the middle of your journey or further, then I hope you can glean some helpful information from this website and my book that will help move you along on your path.

Feel free to share your Sense of Sight experiences with me and others. I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful, mindful week!